Untitled document Molex Connector Kit
YellowRemoving the power from devices inside your computer can be difficult and very dangerous with standard Molex plugs by hand directly. The protrusions on the side of the Molex are difficult to hold on firmly. If you were to exert a force, can leave your fingers feeling sore and cause some computer parts damaged. However, our full new kit, Sunbeam EZ-Grip Molex connectors simplify the ordeal by putting flexible, rounded grips on the top and bottom of the Molex connector. Such that, not only easier to hold, but slighter to remove from devices by pressing down the grips, perfect for when the Molex connector feels “stuck¡¨. Maybe, you have noticed that some advanced PC power supplies ware matched up with this type new connector kit. The Sunbeam EZ-Grip Molex Connector is the DIY tool kit and is just right for the majesty, who like give their PC a higher level safety and efficiency. And motivate your DIY installation fun!


  • Molex Remover Included
  • Easy To Install
  • Easily Plug And Unplug Power Molex From Any Device
  • Molex Remover X 1
  • EZ-Grip Female Molex Heads X 10 

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