Maybe you’ve installed cathodes, windowed your case and stabled your drives. The next step is modifying your PSU with PSU Connector Kits. These are our economical definitive connector kits, and available in multi color choice, truly UV reactive and utilizing “Quick Release” female Molex connector design. UV colors will glow under a UV Light. On top of this, we have 20+4 pin ATX connector. It can support 20 pin and 24 pin connectors at one time. No more connectors, and more safety, clearer and convenient.


  • Included: 1 x 6-pin auxiliary connector, 2 x 4-pin floppy connector, 1 x 4-pin 12V P4 connector, 12
  • female 4-pin Molex, 1 x 20+4-pin ATX connector
  • UV Reactive.
  • Full sorted PSU connectors.
  • For 20 and 24 pin.


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Weight 0.1 kg