EVO-G IMP2 Illuminated MousePad Tri-color



The IMP2 features one of the fastest and most responsive gaming surfaces. The cable remote control, conveniently located on the USB cable, allows direct effect of brightness and illumination.

Combined with a performance gaming mouse, the IMP2 will greatly enhance your game performance. Developed from high quality acrylic glass, the low profile and wide area mouse surface means you will always be equipped for high gaming performance.

High Performance Slippery Plastic Surface
Creative Lighting Effects
Illuminated and Gaming Surface
Color-changing Switch System
High Quality Acylic Glass Base
Soft and Slip-proof Rubber Base
Low Profile
Dimension: 330mmx246mmx5.8mm Illuminated
Color: Blue, Red, Green, Tri-color, Multi-light Effects
Connection: USB
Weight: 450g


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