ACRyan Lan Ranger Cat6 15m UV Silver Blue led



Yup, UV-active… not a typo, you do not need to check your eyesight…. yes, this is probably where you LEAST expect to see UV-active fever pop up… well, we did it!! Every LAN.Ranger is UV-active, glows UVBlue in UV lighting. Call us crazy, call us out of this world… we call ourselves simply UV-active feverish 😉

Blue-LED lighted
As if UV-active was not enough, we added Blue-LED to each of the network connectors so they light up!! Both blue light are powered by one single USB pass through connector to be plugged into your PC / notebook.

LAN.Ranger – see, feel and know the difference.

Cat6 supreme high quality network cables for the great performance. Individually twisted strands for higher data integrity, less data retry (which are transparent to users), higher data speeds, and longer cable length possibilities.
Gigabit 1000mbps (1Gbps)

Silver EMI Shielding
In a normal home environment, electronic interference is probably not your main concern (unless you sleep next to a power station :D). Now move to a LANparty with gigabytes and terrabytes of data zipping around or a concert with high power lines and equipment, mega speakers and all … suddenly EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) says hellooooo. You can see for yourself that LAN.Ranger is well shielded with the glitter of silver!


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